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| Sunday, August 30, 2009
Blast From the Past - This is a poem I wrote while in college. It was published in my university's literary magazine, zaum. Very special snowflake, I know.


We are abducted by aliens
tiny red and violet monkey-cats
with curious eyes and saturnine souls
probing us kindly as we shiver
naked and frightened as any caged thing.

They speak with their minds; we scream at the noise
until our voice breaks at last and we must listen
quiver lips tinged blue and unfocused gaze
fade out to the feel of soft paw pad touch
we slip under quietly.

The world goes black; white
as we wake to a mansion cell with a dozen rooms
moving portraits of our childhood pinned for us to see
your gap-toothed smile, water running in your eyes
my cornsilk locks over shoulders covered in pink satin.

The futuristic refrigerator is filled
with Ahi tuna and string cheese
we gorge ourselves out of confusion
venture outside to find we’re caught
in Eden under a bubble.

We draw patterns in the mica lake-sand
speak very little; we never knew each other well
until the day we realize we’re all we have
the day we fall into each other to spend the years
counting freckles and learning to play the harp.

A hundred years pass
and the bright flash wakes me to find
it was all in the blink of an eye.
I imagine it was a dream
at least until you called to say

Remember that time we grew old together?


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