| Friday, August 28, 2009
Let's get floundering, eh?

Submission season for literary magazines is upon me, with nothing to show for it. I had every intention of having several pieces ready to start sending out, and nada. I'm stuck. I'm not practicing, I'm not writing. I start a story, and then run away screaming almost immediately. What the crap is my problem. SNAP OUT OF IT.

So that's very exciting. I think maybe I've lost my youthful cockiness (because at 25, I am incredibly ancient, oh yes). In college, I banged out poems and prose left and right, always to glowing praise from my various ego-stroking peers and professors. Now I'm a few years removed from that environment, and I realize that the REAL WORLD (TM) probably doesn't think I'm such a shining star. My ego is shaking in its boots a little. Probably with good reason, but that doesn't mean I don't need to get the hell over it and take a dive.

/whiny emobag

Hm. New blog. Maybe I should write a rundown of myself or something? That'll shut the ego-monster up for a minute.

- English degree, Creative Writing emphasis. No one around here has one of those, I'm sure.
- Schlub programmer for Big Name Printing Company
- Misplaced Californian currently residing in the Midwest
- Horrible speller. Victim of the dreaded "creative spelling" curriculum.
- Fond of fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery
- Addicted to alliteration, annoyingly enough
- Very prone to parenthesized asides (much like this)
- Also fond of lists
- Forum addict
- Insert witty phrase here

Etc., etc.


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