NaNoWriMo plotting.

| Thursday, October 1, 2009
What is it about creating outlines and timelines and notes that makes me feel like an 18-year old in Biology 101? Ack.

I'm debating how much actual research I should put into this book idea. I want it to sound realistic, but I don't want to get so bogged down in facts that I'm going "MY TIMELINE IS COMPLETELY SCREWED BECAUSE X EVENT DIDN'T HAPPEN UNTIL 1893." I'm writing paranormal YA fiction, not historical! Yet, I am massively anal.

Learning experience, right? I'll research. If I end up scrapping half of it and pretending it's an alternate universe, so be it. I can always go back later and double-check my facts. You know, remove or fix passages where someone would go *SNORT* THAT TOTALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN UNTIL 1893.

Just gotta get it down on paper. That should be my grammatically incorrect mantra.

To-do list check:

Write in blog? Check.
Continue to flesh out NaNoWriMo idea? Check.


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