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| Thursday, December 31, 2009
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I had a ridiculous dream the other night that I felt the need to transcribe, because sometimes I don't know where my brain goes when I'm unconscious. It's a bizarre and occasionally creeptown place, I know that for sure.

I'm walking through a great, dark city. A lot like, y'know, Dark City. My cat is walking with me. The buildings seem more like cutouts than brick and morter, but they're solid enough. Everything is steeped in grays, blues or blacks. Sinister, as though we're being watched.

The streets are deserted, but I'm on my guard. Something's coming. Without warning, a young man is in front of me, wide-eyed but not afraid. He's telling me to run, and I do, my cat on my heels as we bolt down alleys and deserted streets. The kid follows, and soon there is a thing chasing us - shapeless, dark and nameless. When our lungs start to burn, he turns and calls out a name to the black mass headed our way. The entire length of it changes, becoming something slow, soft, harmless and... pink. He changed his world by renaming it. He looks at me, and then he's gone.

The dream shifts, and I'm somewhere else. I'm reminded of Vatican City - all bright colors and skillfully built arches. I'm standing on a patch of green grass, my cat still by my side. As opposed to the deserted city, this place has people bustling everywhere. I begin to make my way off the grass, wanting to explore the plaza. My cat calls out a warning. I take it to mean "Don't go over there, Food Lady Mom!" Though it was in Cat, so it came out more like, "Mrowr meep mew mew meep MROWR!"

I'm confused over her reaction, and I keep walking. She turns and scampers off. Continuing into the plaza, I find I'm surrounded by women. They all stop dead in their tracks. They're dressed all in black. They pull out umbrellas, opening them in unison and slowly revolving into the air, a la Evil Mary Poppins. Well, I guess that depends on whether you consider regular old Mary Poppins to be evil. Then they'd just be like Mary Poppins.

AND THEN I WOKE UP. And kitty was sleeping next to my head. I'm thinking she osmosis'd into my brain.

This wasn't even a weird night for me. I really need to start keeping a dream journal. Some of this stuff might be worth remembering.


{ Maroussia } at: April 30, 2010 at 5:42 AM said...

It will be great to watch Mary Poppins, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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