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| Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Today's Tune: This Tornado Loves You

I entered Nathan Brandsford's diary entry contest, and I wanted to save my entry here for posterity. BECAUSE IT'S MY BLOG AND I CAN! Er. Yeah.


All right, Diary. First day of college. Let’s do this.

Statistics is going to kick my ass. God, I hate math.
My professor went on about the goals of the course, and I already want to bang my head against the wall. She talked about our homework like it’s the best drug she’s ever tried. I swear to God, how can anyone get this excited about math? It’s so... logical. Hell with logic.
Let’s see, what’s next on my schedule... Philosophy 101. Introduction to Logic. Awesome.

Back from philosophy. Maybe it won’t be so bad, after all. The professor introduced himself as Mr. Mulder, and right away I thought Fox, but he couldn’t look less like David Duchovny. His Hawaiian shirt was pretty entertaining, though. Cafeteria calling my name – back later.

Kelly caught me as I was coming back. I think she declared today Meet-The-Entire-Dorm Day. We ran around and poked our heads in all the rooms with open doors. Which is code, you know. Open door in a dorm = make yourself at home and play my XBox. It’s an unwritten rule somewhere in the Guide to College Studenting and Stuff.

It was a blur of people. Mainly I remember the kid with the ponytail who looked around like he hated everyone for existing and the group of girls that all went to the same high school and hold weekly reality show parties. Seriously, they cast their own votes and drink Survivor Punch. I didn’t ask.

I’ve only known Kelly for three days, and I can already tell she’s going to command every room we enter together. She’s just bubbly and warm and happy and BEAUTIFUL. And I can’t even hate on her for it, because she’s just so awesome. I can’t complain, right? I have an awesome popular roommate. I could have I Hate Everything Guy.

We were walking back to our room when we heard a bunch of crashes and fanfare, followed by, “Take THAT, you Mainland BITCHES!” Naturally, we had to investigate.
Turns out the guys next door were finally at home, and lo and behold, door open. So we peeked in to see this tall Asian guy with Japanese characters tattooed down the back of his arm doing a (very small) victory lap around the common room while his two roommates sat on the couch shaking their heads at the TV screen. Apparently the victor beat them at Mario Kart.

Tall Guy introduced himself as Tai - “Maui built, born and raised, baby.” His buddies were Jay, a blond skater who immediately hit it off with Kelly, of course, and Zach. Zach has perma-hat hair and eyes like ocean spray. He smiles like we’re sharing a private joke. He’s pretty okay.

Not bad for the first official day. I think I can really do this.

But for now, sleep.


Admittedly, I might have referenced a few of my own diary entries from my teen years. You know, to get in the mindset :D


{ Robert A Meacham } at: January 5, 2010 at 8:20 AM said...

I love contests and I would vote for your entry. Nicely done.

{ maybe genius } at: January 5, 2010 at 1:30 PM said...

Thank you very much! :)

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