inkpop, iPads, and goodbye Mr. Salinger.

| Friday, January 29, 2010
Today's Tune: Strictly Game

No worries about that last entry, it was just a mild concussion. Totally fine now. Except for the fact that Thursdays taste purple, but really, no big.

Couple of random thoughts:

The iPad? I'm feeling pretty meh on the whole thing. I'm a dual-user, (Mac PowerBook laptop, PC desktop), so I'm certainly not anti-Apple by any stretch of the imagination, but dude. Underwhelmed. I'll reserve judgment until we see it in action, but I'm not excited at this point.

Also: Rest in Peace, Mr. Salinger. Hopefully there are no phonies wherever you are now.

This week over on YA Sleuth, one of her Thursday links caught my eye: HarperCollins release of an interactive writing platform for teens, called inkpop. I have mixed feelings about it.

On the positive side, I think any interactive platforms for writers where they can be immersed in feedback and camaraderie from other writers is a good thing. In addition, anything that encourages young people to write and share their love of literature with one another is awesome. I do admire HarperCollins for being ahead of the game on the digital front as well, because IT IS THE FUTURE! It really is.

This is a smart move for receiving direct feedback from one of their larger markets - teens talking about what they love to read and want to see more of. Seeing actual votes and responses to the posted works will give them a great idea about what's actually going to sell.

The part that's giving me a little hiccup is the implication that professional readers and publishers are going to give out publishing contracts to the top vote-getters. They have a little system where the most popular projects go to "the Editorial Board" for review. I'm curious to see how many of these books going to the review board are actually receiving contracts, and what sort of contracts those are.

It's a very interesting experiment. It has potential to actually work, and I'll be interested in seeing how it shakes out. I suppose I'm a little wary of the "contest" element of it, (it's a little "Teen Model Search" for me), or getting hopes up for contracts that might not happen, but time will tell. If anything, it's a chance to find a connection with readers who enjoy your work, and a chance to be seen by a publishing house. For many, that's all they ask.


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