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| Thursday, January 14, 2010
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In continuing to reminisce about the books that stuck with me when I was a teen, I couldn't help but think of Christopher Pike.

I was a huge Pike fan. Couldn't get enough of his stuff. I started reading him when I was about 13, and snatched up every one of his books I could get. They were pitched as "teen thrillers," and though most seemed to be aimed at older teens (sex and/or violence in many of them), I would of course say it depends on the given teen's maturity level. As I said... started reading them when I was 13 :D

Some of his works were pretty standard murder mysteries and horror novels, but there were a few that really stuck with me. The Starlight Crystal (pictured here) was one of them. It was overall a journey story, and was set apart from his other work for me. It was about love, loss, and traveling to the end of time to watch it fold over on itself and start again. At the end, Paige's journey was toward her own enlightenment - and it only took her billions (maybe trillions) of years to reach it.

Other Pike novels I enjoyed were The Tachyon Web and The Last Vampire series. At the surface, these books seemed to many to be superficial slasher fiction, but Pike can really write a story. Sometimes he misses the mark, as all authors with 40+ books to their name do from time to time, but many of his stories were moving. Obviously, since they still stick with me ten years later.

Unfortunately, most of his books are currently out of print. He is coming out with new works, and a few of the books are being reprinted, so if you happen to see something by him, pick it up and give it a go. If you enjoy vampires, aliens, ghosts, mysteries, and murder whodunits, you might become a fan. I know everyone is vampire'd out right now, but The Last Vampire series was recently reprinted, and they're worth trying out.


{ Brooke R. Busse } at: August 9, 2011 at 7:53 PM said...

Is what you're calling The Last Vampire series, reprinted as Thirst? I have all three of those, plus Remember Me and To Die For.

Anonymous at: September 23, 2012 at 9:01 AM said...

Hi,I read every Pike book when I was young as well, but the one that has always and will always stick with me is the starlight crystal. I must have read it a dozen times. That book put a weird feeling in my head that I can neither fully explain, nor, get rid of. Just wanted to share that. I just typed the title of the book and stumbled upon your blog.

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