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| Saturday, March 6, 2010
Today's Tune: Wash Away

So did you hear about Harper Teen paying seven figures for a debut author's trilogy? Yeah. What the what. Just a guess, but I think we may have the next Twilight series on our hands. Nobody pays that much for a series they don't intend to market the bajeezus out of. Interesting premise. I'll likely pick it up, if for no other reason than to answer the burning question of "OMG WHAT KIND OF STORY GETS HARPER TO PAY SEVEN FIGURES? HOLY CRAP."

I've been pretty lax on the blogging front this week. Sorry! Seasonal changes mess with my body something awful. I am a California girl; I'm not built for major temperature shifts! BLEARGH. But on the plus side, YAY SPRING!

I have other entries planned for later in the week, including another Kill This Character. STAY TUNED AND JUNK.



{ KarenG } at: March 6, 2010 at 12:27 PM said...

thanks for the link. I read the summary--sounds awful and not like anything I'd want to read, but of course YA teen for girls is NOT my favorite genre. Couldn't stand the Twilight books. The first one was ok, the rest were awful. I DID like Hunger Games, but hated the sequel.

Anyway, like you, I'll read it to see what the fuss is about. Hmm, there's a marketing ploy-- pay a 6 figure advance to an unknown author and then just promote that story. People will buy the book based on that.

{ Christi Goddard } at: March 6, 2010 at 3:33 PM said...

I agree with Karen. Just the knowledge that a publisher paid out a large advance is enough to make many readers flock to the stores to see what all the hubub is about. Not me. I'll scan the beginning on Amazon and see if it interests me. It sounds like a female version of Percy Jackson at the moment, only older.

That said, a publisher normally won't throw that kind of dough at something subpar (Twilight excluded), so it is LIKELY that it is a good story, just not a guarantee. The author, no matter what, must be thrilled. At this point, I'd wet my pants just landing an agent, much less SELL my manuscript.

{ Kate } at: March 6, 2010 at 7:31 PM said...

Interesting. The pitch doesn't do anything for me, but then I haven't read Percy Jackson and was underwhelmed by the story in the movie. That said, just on principle I hope it's good.

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