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| Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Today's Tune: Jenny

Oh! Hello, blog!

So you all may have heard from my, uh, associate, that I've completed my move and now reside in mostly-sunny-sometimes-rainy-but-that's-cool Northern California. Right smack in the middle of Sonoma county and near-ish to Napa, actually. Which you may have heard of? Because those places produce wine? Like, a lot of wine?

This place holds a special... um, place... in my heart. I went to college here (Sonoma State, home of the Cossacks Seawolves, WHAT), and it's breathtakingly beautiful. Also, you know, wine. And farms. Organic farms that produce a big bunch of awesome and then sell it every weekend at Farmers Markets. Seriously, we've been here just over a week and our fridge already boasts a few bottles of wine and a selection of local goods. ILU SONOMA COUNTY.

Ahem. Aaaaanyway.

I thought about trying to tie this back around to something at least in the ballpark of literary by mentioning that I finished two books on my trip out here (Cherie Priest's Boneshaker and Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which was mentioned last entry. Zombies FTW.). Both were wonderful reads I enjoyed for their portrayals of kickass female leads who pwned the undead like woah, and you should pick them up. There you have it! Literary tie-in!

Unfortunately, that's all I've got for you for now. It's been an exhausting week, and is likely to get a little more crazy as Robot Boyfriend (not actually a machine) and I amp up our job search. I had every intention of taking a bunch of pictures on the drive out and creating a superquirkyfun storyline to go with it, but driving for three days straight looking at a lot of this:

and this:

kiiiiind of takes it out of you, actually. What, operate a camera while driving? No, I certainly didn't do that! That would be CRAZY.

But the cats are still fat and happy, so all is well.

I'll try to get back to a semi-regular update-ish schedule sometime soon. In the meantime, you know, zombie fiction FTW. Get some.


{ Wendy Ramer } at: May 11, 2010 at 10:30 AM said...

So now that you're living in wine country, how will you ever get anything done? ;-)

{ KarenG } at: May 11, 2010 at 10:32 AM said...

I am so jealous. We moved to Utah from Northern CA 20 years ago, and I still haven't quite gotten over missing it. If money weren't an object, I'd be living in Monterey right now.

{ jason evans } at: May 11, 2010 at 3:02 PM said...

You deserve a break!

{ Bossy Betty } at: May 11, 2010 at 5:53 PM said...

I love Northern California. I am trying to get my son to go to Sonoma State so I can travel up there to see him!

{ Whirlochre } at: May 11, 2010 at 10:56 PM said...

I love it when black cats do that quirky lemur thing on camera...

{ Shelley Sly } at: May 12, 2010 at 9:35 AM said...

Wow, that scenery! I'm a total East Coast girl, and those open roads look so strange to me -- but awesome! California is beautiful!

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