| Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Today's Tune: Fidelity

So, I've been languishing. My WiP has been sitting stagnant, and I can't seem to discipline myself enough to get 'er done. It's not even writer's block - I know *exactly* how I want to finish this thing, so why can't I do it?

I think part of me is afraid. Afraid that I'm going to finish it, and it will be terrible. Or disappointing.

I think the other part of me is just lazy and realizes that I have a LOT of work to do on this thing. A lot. Many, many hours of work. It's daunting.

And then there's the part of me that freaks out every once in a while and goes FHS*^RT^Q(GOHHE(^%(*% ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU ARE GOING TO PUT ALL THIS WORK INTO THIS THING THAT WILL GO NOWHERE.


Also, the Internet is shiny. Why is there so much STUFF out there? Shiny, shiny STUFF?

So. I need to cut this out. I need to get this done. I need to get it done for my loved ones who have been supporting me, for my new critique partner, for the writing conference I'm attending, and most of all, for myself.

All right. No more dawdling. If you don't start seeing that number in my sidebar going up, please feel free to scold me appropriately. Or inappropriately. Whatever cheers the cockles of your heart.

AND! I need to be better about responding and visiting blogs. I am way behind. And I'm so sorry about that! I love that you take the time out of your day to come read my blather, and I want to be better about reading your... well, not blather, but awesome and informative posts of wonder. Yes.

Oof. So much to do. AAAARGH BRAIN 'SPLODEY.


{ JustineDell } at: June 9, 2010 at 8:24 AM said...

Oh...shiney stuff!! That's a problem, isn't it? Isn't blogger all nice and shiney?!? ;-)

Let's remember this, Steph. If you don't finish, you will fail. And no one wants to think like that, right? Yeah. So in order to succeed, you must keep going! Good luck, my dear!


{ KarenG } at: June 9, 2010 at 1:03 PM said...

Yes I could have written this post. So many shiny blogs. Shiny twitter oh how I hate you. What can we do but give ourselves a kick in the pants and get it done!

{ jjdebenedictis } at: June 9, 2010 at 1:42 PM said...


- Only let yourself use the internet once per day. (I did this. It's painful, but effective.)

- Every day, refuse to let yourself use the internet until you've added at minimum 200 words to one of your stories.

- Loan a friend $20. Tell her to donate it to a charity/political party you HATE if you fail to type 1000 words this week. If you succeed, you get the money back (and can repeat the process next week.)

- Find a writing buddy with a blog and make a pact with them: You must each write at minimum 200 words per day, six days a week, in one of your stories. If you don't, the other person publicly chastises you on their blog and/or you must put up a public badge of shame on your own blog.

{ Whirlochre } at: June 9, 2010 at 3:31 PM said...

You need to get it done because this thing only you can see will not exist without you as you are circa nowish.

Ephemera deserve stout mortals.

{ Portia } at: June 9, 2010 at 3:51 PM said...

Sending lots of good writing vibes your way! It can be so daunting, but the prize is shiny and sparkly and ... oh, I'm distracting myself. Happy writing!

{ Christi Goddard } at: June 9, 2010 at 4:40 PM said...

Yeah, I know if I concentrated, I'd finish my new WIP in three days. I've been waiting for those concentration days somewhat patiently for a couple weeks now. I feel your pain.

{ Simon C. Larter } at: June 10, 2010 at 11:46 AM said...

If I chide you, I'll be sure to do it inappropriately. Hey, it's what I do.

Good luck with finishing that novel, good lady. (Well, once you've swept up the bits of your 'sploded brain and gotten them back into your head, that is.)

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