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| Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Today's Tune: Since U Been Gone / Maps (Ted Leo cover)

I love Ted Leo so much.

OKAY OKAY. So, I went to the SCBWI Summer conference. AND IT WAS AWESOME. I met so many fabulous people, ate a lot of fabulous food, and sat in on a lot of fabulous talks.

I missed you all! I'm glad to be home and getting back to my normal routine. The conference was AMAZING, but let me tell you... four days of intense kidlit conferencing? It takes a toll on you. Nonetheless, the experience is one I'll always treasure, and I'm very much looking forward to going again. And again. And again. If there is any way you can swing going to one, I very highly recommend it.

I have pictures to share! But first, I'll give you a brief rundown of the sessions I attended. THERE ARE A LOT:

- Keynote: Jon Scieszka - Tales of a Picture Book Writer: Do's, Don'ts, Maybes
- Keynote: M.T. Anderson - The Journey of Narrative (plus the unofficial Delaware anthem)
- Panel: Nick Eliopulos, Claudia Gabel, Brenda Murray & Jennifer Rees - Editors: What Makes Me Choose Your Book
- Breakout: Jennifer Cervantes, Christina Gonzalez & Guadalupe McCall - Stories That Cross Borders/Boundaries
- Keynote: Loren Long - The Picture Book: My Two Cents Worth
- Keynote: Gordon Korman - Writing for Kids: A Three-Quarter Life's Work
- Panel: Ginger Clark, Josh Adams, Lisa Grubka & Ken Wright - Literary Agents View the Marketplace
- Breakout: Jon Scieszka - What is Going on with Boys and Reading?
- Keynote: Marion Dane Bauer - The Shape of Our Stories
- Keynote: E.B. Lewis - Pursue Your Passions
- Breakout: Rachel Vail - Hearing Your Characters: Creating Distinctive Voices
- Keynote: Gail Carson Levine - Sweat and Magic
- Panel: Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Deborah Heiligman, Elizabeth Partridge, Tanya Lee Stone & Ken Wright - Why Narrative Non-Fiction is Hotter Than Ever
- Keynote: Carolyn Mackler - For Richer or Poorer: Writing Through Good Times and Bad
- Breakout: Rachel Vail - Seeing Your Characters: Adolescent Characters From the Inside Out
- Breakout: M.T. Anderson - Literary Experiment in Books for Children
- Keynote: Gennifer Choldenko - SCBWI: The Sideshow
- Keynote: Rubin Pfeffer - Society of Children's Book Content Creators
- Keynote: Rachel Vail - Finding the Humor and Heart in MG Novels
- Keynote: Paul Fleischman - Surviving the Novel
- Panel: Justin Chanda, Jennifer Hunt, Stephanie Owens Lurie & Francesco Sedita - Four Publishers Discuss Our Industry
- Breakout: Jennifer Rees - Your Voice is Your Voice: Keeping it Real
- Breakout: Julia Durango - Plot RX: 10 Ways to Bring Your Manuscript Back From the Dead

WHEW. Yes. I went to ALL of those. And there were many, many more I didn't get to go to. So. Much. Information.

But I'm sure you want to see the pictures, right? Okay, okay ;)

This is how I started all of my mornings! I am so not a morning person.

But it didn't take me long to get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, especially when hanging out with the YALitChat ladies! This is Heather Strum, Heather Zenzen, D'Ann Burrow, Susan Kaye Quinn, me, & Stina Lindenblatt. I look very deer-in-headlights.

This was the main ballroom where we watched the Keynote speeches.

Here's M.T. Anderson giving his Keynote and being pretty much incredible while doing it.

The big Heart & Soul Ball by the poolside. Imagine the hotel pool area PACKED with writers and illustrators, drinking and dancing and dressed up and all around having a blast. It was incredible.

And then there was Ashley Bryan, our closing Keynote speaker. Such passion. Such sparkle. You'd never know he was 87. He has more life than most people my age. Incredible.

Of course I had to get a picture with M.T. Anderson. I mean, naturally. Great guy.

And Jon Scieszka. The man wrote two of my absolute favorite picture books! So cool. Also side-splittingly funny.

All in all, an unforgettable and incredibly educational experience. I even ran into Kiersten White and Stephanie Perkins, which was very cool, considering I've been following their blogs for quite some time.

Everyone in this society is so warm, so welcoming, so happy to help you succeed. You really must join if you haven't already.

Aaaaanyway. As you can see, it was a very busy time, and I have a lot of material to process. So stay tuned!



{ fairyhedgehog } at: August 4, 2010 at 8:30 AM said...

I'm glad you had such a good time!

{ Shelley Sly } at: August 4, 2010 at 11:42 AM said...

Wow, this looks like an amazing conference! I look forward to your upcoming posts!

{ Elena Solodow } at: August 4, 2010 at 5:38 PM said...

Look forward to hearing about it. Seems really great.

{ aspiring_x } at: August 4, 2010 at 7:12 PM said...

wow! looks like you had a great time! look forward to hearing the overload of information!

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