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| Friday, July 29, 2011
Today's Tune: Untouchable Face

I've been taking it easy this week. Relaxing, allowing myself to do all the goof-off things that I feel like I never have time for, spending time with friends and family. This little bit of distance has given me breathing room and a little perspective.

It's really easy to get lost in the "Serious Writer" mentality. It's a weird balancing act, because on one side, you have the people who go, "Oh wow, you're a writer! That's so amazing! I don't have that kind of discipline." On the other side, you have the people who are like, "Um, that's nice, but what do you do REALLY?" One side pumps you up, the other makes you feel like you have to defend your legitimacy.

Which can occasionally lead to us getting too insular. We can crawl inside our Internet bubble and find hundreds (thousands, even) of like-minded writers or writer wannabes or published authors. These are our *people*. They *get it*. The blinders go on, and we're surrounded by support and people who will talk about writing with us until we're blue in the face.

When we self-identify as "serious writers," sometimes I feel like we lose ourselves. Writing is our hobby, or our passion, or our profession, or all three. But it isn't all of who we are. None of us can be boiled down to any one thing. If we can be, we're a pretty one-dimensional and, dare I say, boring person. If we're not careful, it can become an obsession. We turn into that person that only ever talks about their work, their journey, their experiences.

This is part of what I love about the Internet -- it encourages sharing and community. However, it's also a conduit for people who like to talk about themselves. On the Internet, everyone gets a voice. Because everyone gets a voice, everyone usually feels like they deserve to be listened to. That's okay. It's a very human desire. The problem comes in when we forget that everyone around us shares this desire, too. We can't stand alone and talk about only ourselves and expect people to care. Well. Some people can, but only if they're incredibly interesting and also reasonably entertaining.

I'm totes rambling. MY APOLOGIES.

What I'm trying to say is that we can get a little one-note. We feel like, in order to prove how *serious* we are, we have to talk shop all the time. Every once in a while, it's a good idea to step back and be all of the non-writer parts of ourselves. So much of our little corner of the Web is dedicated to this fevered obsession with proving we're something different, something special. Our work will scale the odds. We'll get the recognition, the publishing deal, the popularity.

And sometimes we just need to chill, I guess. If it's going to happen, it will. In the meantime, we should enjoy the fact that we are writers, and we are more than writers.

See, this post? This is why I usually plan my posts ahead of time. When I don't, RAMBLES HAPPEN.


{ Old Kitty } at: July 29, 2011 at 5:23 AM said...

Yay for eclectic blogging! I'm all for it! :-)

Take care x

{ Emy Shin } at: July 29, 2011 at 10:10 AM said...

No, no, don't apologize for rambling. Sometimes, those are the best posts. :)

Personally, I identify a lot with this post. I have been a student, a scientist, but never a writer. Not seriously. I like writing. Rather, I like the idea of it. But ever since joining the blogosphere, I've been swept up in the tides of it all, and sometimes it's difficult to see outside of this bubble I've created for myself. I've felt it even more since I resolved to be a "serious" writer a few weeks back. Sometimes, it's a good thing to step back and remind myself that writing and this journey to publication isn't all there is to life. :)

It works the same with blogging, too, I think. It's permissible to post about things that aren't writing-related, because those make up who we are, too.

{ Taylor Napolsky } at: July 30, 2011 at 7:54 PM said...

I'm really into writing. I definitely forget to step back from time to time.

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